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As everyone well knows, contemporary culture is now as diverse and individual as ever. We are all creating our own cultural feasts of common references and idiosyncratic interests, through words, pictures, sounds, moving images, ideas, and emotions. All as tasty as the manifold texture of our own bookshelves, which offer to our hands, eyes, and brain so many tempting spines (hard, soft, colored, illustrated, thick, worn, or pristine, as if unopened … ). If JRP|Ringier were a human body, no doubt its cultural identity would be defined by a profound knowledge of contemporary art, thanks to the hundreds of books it would have read over the last several years, and the dozens currently in the making.

By clicking on the image above, you can download our annual catalogue encompassing the 35+ books we published between June 2017 and May 2018. Since June 2018, several more titles have been released, including Koki Tanaka’s "Vulnerable Histories (An Archive)," and Teresa Burga’s "Aleatory Structures" published with the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst; "Andro Wekua," to accompany his exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich; "Localizing the Contemporary. The Kunsthalle Bern as a Model," which deciphers how exhibitionary practices take place; two volumes of essays by Nicolas Bourriaud published with our long-term partner Les presses du réel; the already cult volume "Color Library" by Maximage; and the impressive encyclopedic "Picture Industry" edited by Walead Beshty. Taking a retrospective look at our recent editorial program is always satisfying, as we become aware of how JRP|Ringier is, as much today as for the last 15 years, constantly mapping and spreading the diversity and excellence of stimulating contemporary artistic and theoretical practices.

Looking forward, the coming months will be just as rich and inspiring. To be published soon are comprehensive monographs on Allison Katz, Fredrik Vaerslev, and Sylvain Croci-Torti—underlining once again our commitment to a promising young generation of artists—as well as long-awaited publications by important cultural figures, such as Peter Halley’s catalogue raisonné of his paintings of the 1980s, Dorothy Iannone’s delightful "Cookbook," and Gustav Metzger’s "Writings (1953–2016)," which will make the influential vision of one of the towering figures of the 20th century available to a wide audience. The last entry of Metzger’s anthology, dated 2016, is entitled "Remember Nature." Let me quote it here in its entirety:

This is a worldwide call by Gustav Metzger to remember nature.
This appeal is for the widest possible participation from the world of the arts.
The aim is to create a mass movement to ward off extinction.

Clément Dirié
Program Director
Fall 2018
1-1 (3)
MAY 5 2018 – MAR 2019
PHYLLIDA BARLOW @ High Line, New York, MAY 5 2018 – MAR 2019

NOV 02, 2018 – FEB 10, 2019
RODARTE @ NMWA, NOV 02, 2018 – FEB 10, 2019

APR 27, 2018 – MAR 3, 2019
MICHEL MAJERUS @ Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin, APR 27, 2018 – MAR 3, 2019

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