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As everyone well knows, contemporary culture is now as diverse and individual as ever. We are all creating our own cultural feasts, composed of common references and idiosyncratic interests, through words, pictures, sounds, moving images, ideas, and emotions. All as tasty as the manifold texture of our own bookshelves, which offer to our hands, eyes, and brain so many tempting spines (hard, soft, colored, graphic, thick, worn, or pristine, as if unopened … ). If JRP|Ringier were a human body, no doubt its cultural identity would be defined by a profound knowledge of contemporary arts, thank to the hundreds of books it would have read over the last several years, and the dozens currently in the making.

Every June we traditionally release our yearly catalogue that can be downloaded. It encompasses the 35+ books we have published during the last 12 months thanks to our experienced and motivated team of collaborators, graphic designers, editors, and worldwide partners. Having a retrospective look at our recent editorial program is always satisfying, as we become aware of how JRP|Ringier is, as much today as for the last 15 years, constantly mapping and spreading the diversity and excellence of stimulating contemporary artistic and theoretical practices. Typically, you will once again find a series of titles combining promising young artists with established ones, textbooks on art history, aesthetics, and the ecosystem of the visual arts, artists’ books, and scholarly publications.

Looking forward, the coming weeks will be just as rich and inspiring. Two of our highlights are the soon-to-be-essential "Design as an Attitude" by Alice Rawsthorn, and the timely "The Private Museum of the Future" that tackles a central issue in today’s museology and the diversity of approaches in light of the panoply of growing private initiatives. Other publications include monographs on Teresa Burga, Sam Falls, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Andro Wekua, the second edition of the acclaimed "Playground Project", as well as "Localizing the Contemporary," a theoretical book exploring in-depth the Kunsthalle Bern as a model for exhibition making and institutional strategies. Finally, we are thrilled to publish Yoko Ono’s latest publication: "Everything in the Universe Is Unfinished" reflects on her most recent feelings through a delicate interweaving of poems, aphorisms, short stories, and drawings. For Ono, words, artworks, and books still have the power to change the world we live in for the better. Indeed, we feel the same.

Clément Dirié
Program Director
Spring 2018
2-4 (16)
APR 27, 2018 – MAR 3, 2019
MICHEL MAJERUS @ Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin, APR 27, 2018 – MAR 3, 2019

APR 08 – DEC 16, 2018
URS FISCHER @ Punta della Dogana, Venice, APR 08 – DEC 16, 2018

APR 08 – DEC 16, 2018
ADEL ABDESSEMED @ Punta della Dogana, Venice, APR 08 – DEC 16, 2018

FEB 04 – JAN 10, 2019
UGO RONDINONE @ Fundación Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, FEB 04 – JAN 10, 2019

DEC 16, 2017 – DEC 30, 2018
UGO RONDINONE @ Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishřj, Denmark, DEC 16, 2017 – DEC 30, 2018

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