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As everyone very well knows, contemporary culture is now as diverse and self-generated as ever. We are all creating our own cultural feasts, composed of common references and idiosyncratic interests, through words, images, sounds, moving images, ideas, and emotions. All as tasty as the manifold relief of our own bookshelves, which offer to our hands, eyes, and brain so many tempting spines (hard, soft, colored, graphic, thick, worn, or pristine as if unopened … ). If JRP|Ringier were a human body, no doubt its cultural identity would be defined by a profound knowledge of contemporary arts, thank to the hundreds of books it would have read over the last several years, and the dozens currently in the making.

The image above is from Walead Beshty’s "Industrial Portraits" book, a nonhierarchical, kaleidoscopic, yet very detailed “facebook” of the art world. It provides the cover of the new issue of our regular newspaper that can be downloaded. You will find information on the books published in 2017 as well as those to be printed in the coming months. Typically, our current and forthcoming editorial program combines promising young artists with established ones, textbooks on art history, aesthetics, and the ecosystem of the visual arts, artists’ books, and scholarly publications. To list just a few: new monographs on artists such as Yael Bartana, Claudia Comte, Rodney Graham, Sheila Hicks, Magali Reus, and Franz West; publications to accompany current exhibitions in Los Angeles and Zurich such as "The Words of Others: León Ferrari and Rhetoric in Times of War" and Jimmie Durham’s "God's Children, God's Poems"; theoretical books dedicated to the fruitful dialogue for the creative body of the 20th century ("Spacescapes. Dance & Drawing Since 1962"), or considering the relationship between art and activism during the so-called “AIDS Years” (Elisabeth Lebovici, "Ce que le sida m’a fait"). Forthcoming titles include ones on/by Sam Falls, Wade Guyton, Peter Halley, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jens Hoffmann, Dorothy Iannone, Guillermo Kuitca, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Greg Parma Smith, Tomas Pospiszyl, Ugo Rondinone, and many more.

We hope you will like many of them as you discover, learn more, or remember, and that some books will soon dwell on your bookshelves-turned-cultural-portrait.

Clément Dirié
Program Director
Fall 2017
8-9 (41)
NOV 03 – DEC 22, 2017
RICHARD PRINCE @ Gladstone Gallery, NOV 03 – DEC 22, 2017

NOV 15, 2017 – JAN 13, 2018
CHRISTIAN MARCLAY @ White Cube, Hong Kong, NOV 15, 2017 – JAN 13, 2018

NOV 17, 2017 – JAN 05, 2018
SETH PRICE @ Galerie Gisela Capitai, Cologne, NOV 17, 2017 – JAN 05, 2018

NOV 10, 2017 – JAN 07, 2018
ISA GENZKEN @ König Galerie, Berlin, NOV 10, 2017 – JAN 07, 2018

NOV 04 – DEC 23, 2017
DANIEL KNORR @ Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna, NOV 04 – DEC 23, 2017

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