Jennifer Bolande
Monographs & Artistsí Books
Edited by
Nicholas Frank
Dennis Balk
Jack Bankowsky
Rosetta Brooks
Nicholas Frank
Ingrid Schaffner
Christina Valentine

November 2011
ISBN: 978-3-03764-260-3
Softcover, 220 x 318 mm
160 pages
Images 116 color / 25 b/w
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Survey monograph

For the past 25 years Jennifer Bolande has engaged in an intuitive form of conceptualism, working in a variety of media including photography, sculpture, photo-objects, collage, film, installation, and dance. She has built a career out of being attentive to visual anomalies, making once-ephemeral perceptual and cultural slippages concrete. Her work questions the distinctions between objects and events, and between what is real and what is imagined.

Landmarks is the title of the first book dedicated to her work. Sequenced and co-designed by the artist, it carries the viewer into and through the sets of elements, themes, and narratives that recur, build, and dovetail throughout her work. In addition to images of her most significant works, the book includes a wealth of resource material, providing a view of the artist's process and fields of interest. The book opens with a personal introduction by artist/writer Dennis Balk followed by essays by Jack Bankowsky, Ingrid Schaffner, Rosetta Brooks, Christina Valentine, and Nicholas Frank.

This publication has been produced on the occasion of the first critical survey exhibition by Jennifer Bolande, and spans three decades of her work in a wide array of media. The exhibition began at the Institute for Visual Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and travels to the ICA, Philadelphia in January of 2012.