Cranfield and Slade: 12 Sun Songs
Monographs & Artists’ Books
Edited by
Christoph Keller
Brady Cranfield
Kathy Slade

ISBN: 978-3-03764-063-0
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Here Comes the Sun

"Cranfield and Slade: 12 Sun Songs" is a yellow vinyl album made up of covers of pop songs about the sun. Aping a 1970s concept album, Cranfield and Slade present twelve songs arranged to represent a day, beginning with songs about sunrise and winding down with songs about sunsets. Tracks range from classics such as George Harrison’s "Here Comes the Sun" and The Kinks’ "Waterloo Sunset," to the lesser-known "Sun" by singer-songwriter Margot Guryan or "Where Evil Grows" by Vancouver’s The Poppy Family. The album combines field recordings made in various Vancouver locations with electronic sound and acoustic and electric instruments.

Based in rainy Vancouver, Cranfield and Slade is made up of visual artist Kathy Slade and artist/musician Brady Cranfield, working with musicians including Larissa Loyva (Piano, Kellarissa), Johnny Payne (Victoria Victoria, The Shilos), and Chris Harris (Piano, Parks and Rec, The Secret Three, Womankind); and special guests John Collins (The New Pornographers, The Evaporators) and artist Rodney Graham (The Rodney Graham Band, UJ3RK5).

The liner notes for "12 Sun Songs" were written by celebrated Canadian poet and critic Peter Culley.

Published with the Or Gallery, Vancouver, in the Christoph Keller Editions series.