Gabriele Basilico
Dan Graham

Unidentified Modern City
Monographs & Artistsí Books
Edited by
Maurizio Bortolotti
Lionel Bovier
Massimo Minini

Gabriele Basilico
Maurizio Bortolotti
Dan Graham
Massimo Minini

English / Italian
April 2011
ISBN: 978-3-03764-218-4
Softcover, 220 x 330 mm
80 pages
Images 40 color / 3 b/w
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A photographic dialogue

"Unidentified Modern City": under this title lies a unique collaboration between Gabriele Basilico and Dan Graham around the city of Brescia, commissioned by gallerist Massimo Minini. The publication attempts to translate the dialogue between the Italian photographer and the American Conceptual artist into book form. It is accompanied by a discussion between the two protagonists and an essay by Maurizio Bortolotti. Never-before-seen images and a cutting-edge design make this publication, printed in a limited edition, a collector's item.