Kader Attia
Monographs & Artists’ Books
Edited by
Yves Aupetitallot
Thierry Prat

Tami Katz-Freiman
Jean-Louis Pradel

English / French
October 2006
ISBN: 978-2-940271-81-8
Hardcover, 218 x 268 mm
112 pages
Images 64 color / 0 b/w
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First monograph

As a member of the North African community, Kader Attia (*1970, France) has spent the past several years examining the tangle of identity conflicts that have contributed to recent difficult events. His art is rooted in the complex relations between East and West, and it reflects the charged eoncounter between these markedly different worlds—an urprooted North African culture and a seductive Western consumer culture. Deeply embedded within this duality, his work reflects upon the sociopolitical powder cake that is threatening French society from within, and upon the millions of Muslims who have lost all hope of integrating into it.

Published with Le Magasin, Grenoble and the Musée d'Art Contemporain of Lyon.