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Walead Beshty
33 Texts: 93,614 Words: 581,035 Characters
Selected Writings (2003–2015)

Artist’s writings
Robert Morris
Bemerkungen zur Skulptur
Zwölf Texte

First comprehensive German edition of legendary texts by Robert Morris.
Mike Kelley
Interviews, Conversations, and Chit-Chat

This publication reunites Mike Kelley's major interviews aswell as his critical essays.
Thomas Lawson
Mining for Gold
Selected Writings (1976–2002)

An account of the rise to prominence of the “Picture Generation” and the profound transformation of the New York art scene of the 1980s
Dan Graham
New and Old Writing on Art, Architecture, and Culture

Critical dialogues
Liam Gillick
Selected Writings (1988–2006)

The publication reunites a selection of critical writings for the most part printed in magazines or exhibition catalogues.
John Miller
The Price Club
Selected Writings (1977–1998)

A critical response to the ongoing collision of aesthetics and exchange value in post-war art
Susan Hiller
The Provisional Texture of Reality
Selected Talks and Texts, 1977–2007

Between critical writing and visual art practice
John Miller
The Ruin of Exchange

The aim to question artistic and curatorial theories and practices from the singular position of an artist-writer
David Robbins
The Velvet Grind
Selected Essays, Interviews, Satires (1983–2005)

A regular contributor to magazines such as "Real Life" (in the 1980s), "Purple Prose" (in the 1990s), and "Artforum," David Robbins is one of the first to investigate the art world’s entrance into the culture industry.
11 publications | showing 1-10
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FEB 16 – AUG 12, 2018
LEON FERRARI @ PAMM, Pérez Art Museum Miami, FEB 16 – AUG 12, 2018

FEB 15 – JUL 22, 2018
EVA KOTATKOVA @ Pirelli HangarBiocca, Milan, FEB 15 – JUL 22, 2018

MAR 24 – OCT 21, 2018
LINDER STERLING @ Chatsworth House Trust, England, MAR 24 – OCT 21, 2018

JUN 09 – AUG 05, 2018
ANDRO WEKUA @ Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich, JUN 09 – AUG 05, 2018

APR 13 – AUG 26, 2018
SUBODH GUPTA@ Monnaie de Paris, APR 13 – AUG 26, 2018

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