Mike Kelley
Interviews, Conversations, and Chit-Chat
Positions Series
Edited by
John C. Welchman
October 2005
ISBN: 978-3-905701-00-5
Softcover, 150 x 210 mm
280 pages
Images 0 color / 28 b/w
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Kelley in conversation with other artists

This publication reunites Mike Kelley's major interviews with artists and cultural figures such as AA Bronson, Larry Clark, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Jutta Koether, Harmony Korine, Tony Oursler, Richard Prince, Jim Shaw, Michael Smith, Jeffrey Sconce, and John Waters, outlining, in the same manner as his critical essays, an artistic genealogy that draws its references from American popular culture, scientific and historical research, and the inhibitions of Western society.

The volume is introduced by a new interview between the editor, John C. Welchman, and Mike Kelley.

Mike Kelley (*1954) is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles. He is the curator of the exhibition The Uncanny (1993/2004), and his writings, edited by John C. Welchman, were published in two volumes by MIT Press in 2004.

The book is part of the Positions series, co-published with Les Presses du réel and dedicated to artists' writings.

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