Merz World: Processing the Complicated Order
Hapax Series
Edited by
Adrian Notz
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Peter Bissegger
Stefano Boeri
Dietmar Elger
Yona Friedman
Thomas Hirschhorn
Karin Orchard
Gwendolen Webster

August 2007
ISBN: 978-3-905701-37-1
Softcover, 105 x 165 mm
128 pages
Images 12 color / 17 b/w
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The legacy of the

The evolving artwork and early, all-encompassing installation "Merzbau" was German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters' obsession. He began building a fantastical structure inside his Hanover studio in 1923, which he conceived as a project without end. It gradually took over most of the house. He continued to work on it in different locations throughout his life, remarking that the "Merzbau" contained everything that was important to him. This groundbreaking volume results from the first of a series of Zurich-based symposia on the "Merzbau" and its legacy in contemporary architecture, art and society. The "Symposium Merzbau" sets a new standard for further research on Schwitter's influential project.

Edited by curator and writer Hans Ulrich Obrist, this book includes contributions by art historians, critics and architects—including Yona Friedman, Thomas Hirschorn and Gwendolen Webster—who discuss ways in which the "Merzbau" resonates in their fields, and provide new perspectives on Schwitters' under-examined masterwork.