EVA KOTATKOVA @ Pirelli HangarBiocca, Milan, FEB 15 – JUL 22, 2018
FEB 15 – JUL 22, 2018
Eva Kot’átková: "The Dream Machine is Asleep"
Pirelli HangarBiocca, Milan
February 15 – July 22, 2018

The work of Eva Kot’átková (born 1982 in Prague) investigates the internal and external forces that influence human behavior, in particular the institutional rules and educational systems that can manipulate and produce situations of control.
For “The Dream Machine is Asleep,” Kot’átková presents a compelling selection of her installations, sculptures, collages, and performative works, focusing on the idea of the human body as a machine and an organ that continues to function while sleeping, creating parallel inner worlds.
Drawing on personal experiences and a recent body of work—like the multimedia installation Stomach of the World (2017)—for this show in Milan, Kot’átková transforms the exhibition space into a labyrinthine organism in which to explore private thoughts, intimate visions, and dreams, as well as the anxieties and struggles of contemporary society.
Eva Kotátková, Pictorial Atlas of a Girl Who Cut a Library into Pieces - ISBN 978-3-03764-361-7
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