We Make Books with Art

In ten years, with a small team of highly motivated collaborators, associate designers, and editors, thanks to collaborations with great artists, writers, international institutions, galleries, and curators, we have managed, through an expanding network of specialized distributors, to establish JRP|Ringier as one of the leading contemporary art publishing companies in Europe and the USA. We can now present a catalogue of more than 500 titles currently in active distribution (in English, German, and French) which have built our profile and audience in the contemporary art field. Careful to maintain a high editorial quality in terms of conception, design, and production, we have succeeded in positioning the company simultaneously as an independent producer and as a publishing partner for museums and private structures.

Neither a micro-structure nor an outbuilding of a media group, the company has organized the production according to defined typologies and series presented hereafter, while maintaining a flexible approach toward artists’ projects. This strategy has allowed a catalogue of titles aimed at the contemporary art audience and structured around different editorial lines and time frames to develop, often in collaboration with institutions and renowned editors. Presenting to a specialized and general public a generation of artists who emerged in the 1990s and the early 2000s, as well as introducing the newest positions in today’s scene, our catalogue also demonstrates an interest in remapping the 1980s and in publishing significant texts and artists still overlooked today. Working with an international geography in mind and a desire to weigh in on the current cultural debates, in the last two years we have built a network of associate editors based in different countries who continuously review, choose, and publish artists, writers, and curators whose works, we believe, will leave their mark on our culture.

To all those who have made this possible and who share our belief that publishing art expands far beyond the definition of commercial publishing, we would like to express our gratitude.

Lionel Bovier, Publisher
JRP|Ringier Kunstverlag AG
Limmatstrasse 270
8005 Zürich

T +41 (0)43 311 27 50
F +41 (0)43 311 27 51
Sales & Marketing
Eléonor de Pesters
Editorial & Press
Editorial (USA)
Clare Manchester
Editorial (France)
Clément Dirié
Bookshop Kunstgriff
Markus Schmutz
Art Direction
Gilles Gavillet
Designed by Gavillet & Rust
Programming by Onoci
1-4 (16)
Until DEC 31, 2015
DAN GRAHAM @ Plug In ICA, Winnipeg

OCT 10 – DEC 06, 2015
TAKESADA MATSUTANI @ Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya, Japan

NOV 17 – DEC 13, 2015
SCOTT KING @ Herald St, 37 Golden Sq, London

NOV 12 – DEC 19, 2015
DENIS SAVARY @ Le printemps de Septembre, Toulouse

Until JAN 03, 2016
WILLEM DE ROOIJ @ Witte de With, Rotterdam

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